The Mind-Body Mood Solution by Dr. Jeffrey Rossman, a self-help book for people struggling with depressionWelcome to the website for The Mind Body Mood Solution. Here you’ll find an overview of the program I present in the book, as well as information about my work. I have included several of my recent articles and interviews to give you a deeper understanding of how the program works to enhance your mood.

If you are struggling with depression now or have experienced bouts of depression in the past, I’m very glad you’ve found this website. The Mind Body Mood Solution offers a powerful set of tools that can help you lift your mood and positively transform your life. These strategies have been effective for hundreds of my patients over the past 20 years.

Here you’ll find brief explanations of how each component of the program can enhance your mood. In addition, you will find links to my articles about each of the components. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of how they can help you overcome depression and specific instructions for how to integrate them into your life.

Consider downloading the Depression Assessment test – it’s a useful way to gauge your level of depression now. You can also use it to benchmark your progress every two weeks as you make healthy lifestyle changes.

– Jeffrey Rossman, Ph.D.