Depression: a new perspective using the Mind-Body Mood Solution, system developed by Dr. Jeff Rossman, phDI believe in looking at depression as a signal from your body and mind that something in your life is out of balance and needs to change. It may be that you’re getting inadequate nutrition or not enough sleep or exercise. Or perhaps it’s an indication that change is needed in a close relationship, your career, or another important area of your life. It may be that you are simply trapped in old, constricted ways of thinking that are blocking your energy.

When you view depression as a signal that something needs to change, it puts the power to make that change in your hands. You can learn to nourish yourself with food and supplements that boost your energy, you can start an exercise program that brightens your mood, you can think in fresh new ways that liberate your spirit. You can make a change in an important relationship or your career, or come to terms with a loss or disappointment. From this perspective, depression is not so much a disorder to be treated as it is a call to awaken to the possibility of living a vital and fulfilling life.