Pyschotherapy offers tools for combatting depression and improving your mood, outlook and quality of lifeIn addition to using the program in The Mind Body Mood Solution, you may benefit from psychotherapy. Working closely with a professional therapist can provide you with objective feedback and expert guidance that is rarely available from a friend or family member. Several types of therapy have been shown to be helpful in relieving depression.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy

This type of therapy involves observing your thoughts and replacing irrational or negative thoughts with more rational, constructive ways of thinking. Changing negative thought patterns will help to boost your mood. Cognitive-behavioral therapy also involves changing your behavior through identifying actions that will enhance your mood.

Interpersonal therapy

This type of therapy involves examining issues that exist in your relationships with others. Through discussion with your therapist, you address and solve problems that exist in these relationships. As your relationships improve, your mood brightens. By learning better ways to handle your relationships, you become better able to maintain a positive mood and outlook.

Mindfulness-based approaches to psychotherapy, including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy

Mindfulness uses meditative practices to help you consciously, intentionally, and non-judgmentally experience and observe your thoughts and feelings. In the process, you become better able to witness your thoughts and feelings without becoming consumed by them. The freedom from the depressive pull of negative thoughts helps to lift your mood and keep you free of depression.