Resilience - part of the Mind Body Mood connection for better healthOne of the few things we can count on in life is its unpredictability. All of us, no matter how lucky we may be, are bound to experience trauma, loss and adversity. These challenging life events—the loss of a loved one, the end of a marriage, a life-threatening illness, loss of a job, a child in trouble—are potential turning points in our lives. How we cope with them determines whether we become overwhelmed, depressed or ill, and whether we emerge from the crisis stronger, with greater confidence and wisdom.

All of the tools in The Mind Body Mood Solution help you develop resilience, the capacity to flexibly and effectively cope with life’s challenges. The following coping strategies are especially helpful in enabling you to be resilient in the face of major life challenges:

1. Allow yourself to feel and accept, rather than avoid, your painful feelings.
2. Let go of excessive judgment and blame, freeing yourself from the toxic grip of guilt and resentment.
3. Confront, rather than avoid, the challenge you are facing.
4. Reach out to others for support.
5. Believe in your ability to cope with whatever challenge life brings.
6. Find meaning in your personal challenge. Learn from it and find ways to channel your energy into constructive action.
7. Feel your connection to something greater than yourself.

In The Mind Body Mood Solution, I describe how you can use each of these processes to face life’s inevitable challenges.

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