Below are reviews, press coverage  and interviews related to The Mind Body Mood Solution and Dr. Rossman.

Radio interview with Mike Carruthers of

Radio interview with Jeff Schechtman for Morning Edition on KVON-AM (ABC) in Napa, CA on 1.13.11
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The Easiest Way to Fight Depression
(Article published in Women’s Health magazine)
Are you getting enough bright light? If you’re like many Americans, you may not be. As we spend more of our time indoors we are becoming increasingly deprived of the bright light that is essential to our health and well-being…

Radio interview with Rick Kleffel of
“If readers are thinking that The Mind-Body Mood Solution is not my usual fare, well, they’d be right. But I frankly liked the approach, liked the book and my luck was in. Though Rossman was not touring for the book, he did happen to be in Santa Cruz, and available for a full hour on a Sunday evening. This gave me the opportunity to have him on a live radio show…”

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